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Sozopol / modern resort

Nowadays Sozopol is among the fastest developing Bulgarian resorts. The picturesque location, the two sand beaches in the town and the several beaches near it, the unforgettable atmosphere of the old town are attracting more and more tourists from year to year and turn Sozopol to o ne of the most favored tourists destinations.

More and tourists, searching for a place to rest, are choosing towns like Sozopol, combining the old town romance with the convenience and the luxury of the modern resort. The developed infrastructure and the local people living their all the year around give an opportunity to extend active season from May to October. Serious investment in property, active construction and the opportunities of the hunting grounds nearby attract more and more visitors even in winter time.

Sozopol is emerging not o nly as a beloved place of rest but also as a place of numerous prestigious villas and flats highly favored nowadays.

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